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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Deena & Ozzy Colorblock Wedge

I'm 5'7" and that's pretty tall for an Asian girl. I rarely wear any heels because I feel self-conscious and I don't want to tower over the BF who's only 2 inches taller than me (on his good days)!

BUT a simple trip to the MAC PRO store on Saturday turned into a day filled with shopping. My girl and I went to MAC, stuffed our faces with macarons from Paulette's (post coming soon), downed a cup of Cafe Mocha from Blue Bottle Co. (post coming soon as well), and then proceeded to do damage at Urban Outfitters. We can't pass up the word SALE. I mean, who can?

I don't think these shoes are quite photogenic on their own but once they're on, they're SUPER CUTE. My initial thought to these shoes were "hm...ew..?" but then after trying them on, I fell in ♥ with them super fast! Online they go for $88.00! Dayum! I snagged them for $39.00+tax. I thought that was a good deal.

I'll definitely be wearing these babies come March...in VEGAS!

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  1. I lava the shoes! I wish they had my size. BOOO :(