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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Chanel takes you to Bondi Beach

The all-time classy Chanel takes you to Bondi Beach this summer with their summer 2010 collection. The only product that caught my eye was their super limited edition Aqualumiere Gloss called Bondi Beach (#727). I swatched the Aqualumiere (lipstick) in Bondi Beach on my lips and it did not show up -- totally blended in with my natural lip color.

Let me just tell you, Chanel's Glossimers and Aqualumiere Glosses are my new-found FAVORITE lipglosses. Somewhat trumps my beloved Shu Uemura gloss. I know Chanel glosses are $27 a pop but I don't buy gloss that often so I think it's worth it to find something you love AND will use up.

Here's an attempted swatch. Horrible lighting, I apologize.

You'll LOVE Chanel's Aqualumiere gloss in Bondi Beach IF you...
- love non-sticky glosses
- don't want a whole lot of color, just a sheer wash
- love peachy-colored glosses w/ a bit of gold shimmer
- get ecstatic about spending $27 on a gloss
- love the luxurious feeling of owning something Chanel (since their handbags are $$$)
- have a deep love for Australia (I studied abroad in Australia for half a year so owning a product named after the infamous Sydney beach just brings back awesome memories)


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

LOL #1: Asian Helper

I'm starting new things for my blog -- one of which is going to be a "LOL SERIES" about things that I randomly see that make me LOL. Or, for the unhip untechy folk, "laugh out loud."

Back in college, I used to live off of crab puffs (see previous post) as well as Tuna Helper and Hamburger Helper. Can I get a hell yeahhhh for Hamburger Helper's Stroganoff??! DELICIOUS.

In any case, I was grocery shopping the other night and I came across this:
Did I buy a box to try? No.
Will I buy a box? Tempting.
Will you?

CRAVE: Crab Puffs

Crab Puffs from Oriental Express in Tucson, AZ
(taken from my iPhone camera so quality is low)

What's a crab puff?

I have two answers for you:
2) Cream cheese and bits of immitation crab wrapped up and fried in a wonton skin. Served with a sweet 'n sour dipping sauce.

Crab puffs from Oriental Express can definitely be titled a staple college food for me when I was at The University of Arizona. I was obsessed with these! For a plate of 6 they're $2-3 -- I can't remember. BUT I do know for a fact that they're definitely worth it!

If you happen to be in Tucson, definitely check out Oriental Express and support the family who owns it! I ♥ OE!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


OKAY that was NOT how I envisioned my blog to be! I can't believe I haven't posted for a month! A MONTH! That's a long time!

I've been hoarding um...hauling a lot of beauty products as of late but haven't found anytime to post about them. I've taken so many pretty pictures of them (cosmetics porn?) and I just want to share them with you guys! I've also been eating a lot of tasty foods so I want to write about them and show you food pictures (yes...food porn).

At anyrate, I'll make it a goal to post at least 3-4 times a week. I leave you with a cute picture: My GUND Snuffles bear (his name is actually W'ffles [pronounced: waffles]) holding a 'Schnuki' (strawberry) cupcake from SweetieCups in San Francisco.