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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

CRAVE: Crab Puffs

Crab Puffs from Oriental Express in Tucson, AZ
(taken from my iPhone camera so quality is low)

What's a crab puff?

I have two answers for you:
2) Cream cheese and bits of immitation crab wrapped up and fried in a wonton skin. Served with a sweet 'n sour dipping sauce.

Crab puffs from Oriental Express can definitely be titled a staple college food for me when I was at The University of Arizona. I was obsessed with these! For a plate of 6 they're $2-3 -- I can't remember. BUT I do know for a fact that they're definitely worth it!

If you happen to be in Tucson, definitely check out Oriental Express and support the family who owns it! I ♥ OE!

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