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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I can never say I have successfully "hit pan" on a makeup product before, but I can now! I was in a rush yesterday and my clutzy-self picked up my NEW compact of MAC's Shell Pearl (Liberty of London collection) and somehow it slipped from my fingers, hit the side of my sink, then plummeted to its death on my bathroom floor. Sigh.

I tried picking up the pieces that were still in big chunks and tried to salvage most of the powder without collecting up dust and hair (haha yes, ew...) from my bathroom floor. I'm not sure what to do with my compact yet. So far, the product is still in it's loose chunky pizza-like powder form, sitting in the compact. There will be a day where I drop it again, I know it!

What are my options?
1) Leave it as is...
2) Get a sifter jar, crush it up and use it as mineral makeup...
3) Re-press with rubbing alcohol -- but I'm scared this will alter the softness of the powder!

SIGH. I am quite sad.

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  1. i did that with my arbonne bronzer which i absolutely loved. the alcohol (at least for me) did not work very well so i just ended up throwing it away =(