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Friday, February 12, 2010

Project Femme-Fi

If you guys follow lollipop26, she's doing her "Project 10 Pan" where she's trying to finish 10 beauty items. I don't know her given time period but after reading her blog yesterday, it definitely gave me inspiration to actually USE UP the products that I have purchased.

On my awesome (sarcasm) bus ride home from work yesterday, I mentally sorted through all the makeup that I did have and decided on a few items that I wanted to try to finish or at least hit pan. Gotta go baby steps so we'll just aim for "hitting pan."

I purchased this one product back in May 2008 when MAC launched their Neo Sci-Fi line with the awesome neon orange packaging. I remember when I first wanted to purchase from this line, I was so turned off by orange packaging because the OCD in me was dying for their normal black packaging. I remember a MAC MUA told me, "this packaging is awesome! I mean, you're going to end up having a lot of individual black pots so having a few neon orange ones would liven it up a bit." I guess so? I mean, since then, this has been my favorite packaging from MAC.

Low and behold, my holy grail for a highlight color: Femme-Fi (veluxe pearl -- frosty cream color with a bit of a gold sheen to it). This was repromoted in MAC's Blonde Brunette Redhead line in early 2009 and I didn't get to pick up another backup because I figured I would never use it. Luckily, I just found a pot of Femme-Fi at my CCO the other week so I snagged it as a backup. Too bad it's not in the awesome orange pkging, just the normal black but I'm not complaining because it was $10.25 vs. $14.50! Holla

May 2010 is coming around the corner so having this eyeshadow for 2 years is kinda crazy especially if I use it everytime I need a highlight color. I'm going to try to use it everyday and we'll see how far I get. I'm halfway through the pan but I can't see any silver metal. I will update on my progress in about 2 weeks time.

So, what products do YOU need to use up?


  1. What does pan mean? But I do get what you mean. I think I still have eye shadow from when I was in highschool. Ick.

  2. "Pan" is the silver tray that the eyeshadow sits in. Here's an example of shadows that have 'hit pan": http://media.onsugar.com/files/ons1/186/1863804/35_2009/1b2ef1990359d806_IMG00069-20090829-2229.preview.jpg