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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Why "SFMACandcheese" ??

Three explanations detailing the madness behind this makeup and food blog . . .

1. SF? San Francisco?
Yup, I live in the beautiful city of San Francisco, California!

[Image Source: www.geraldbrimacombe.com]

2. Why is 'MAC' capitalized?
I am by far no beauty expert but just a big makeup junkie!
Correction: A big MAC (Makeup Art Cosmetics) makeup junkie! I know I'm not alone when I say I loooove me some MAC makeup!

[Image Source: www.maccosmetics.com]

3. Mac(aroni) and cheese?
The best food ever (hands down!!) to make you feel fat and guilty. I will probably never reject a good serving of macaroni and cheese. I'll even eat Kraft's Blue Box and some say that's not even mac and cheese. I think the only mac and cheese I'll reject is if it's made solely with goat cheese. Ew..?

[Image Source: www.myrecipes.com]

Stay tuned for...
- My reviews (rants & raves) about beauty products
- Photos of delisshhhhishh foods
- And occasionally, the random craziness of San Francisco, CA

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